Any Places You Won't Do Business With & Why?

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Any Places You Won't Do Business With & Why?

TJax TJax
Originally posted by Trysexual
Dell Computers...cuz they suck and their Tech support is atrocious.
Lol, so true.
Etonia Etonia
For a while I didn't by Dr. Pepper products because of one of the commercials they had about their diet soda. I felt that it was a little sexist against women.
peachmarie peachmarie
Mhh the only place that I have had a feud with has been our local library, it may sound silly but I used to check out books all the time but I like to read slowly and had never had to deal with late fees, So once I was on my own I checked out a few books and time got away from me, I believe I had two books (not hard cover) and I had forgotten to take them back for a few months and eventually they sent my "late fee" to a collections agency! It was 75 dollars?! What the hell? So I brought the books back thinking that would clear it up, the books weren't even worth that much, I had donated all of my old books to the library up until that point but not after that. They still expected me to pay the money even though I brought the books back, if I'm paying that much for three books I'd better be able to keep them. I have never been back to the library and I never will again. It may sound childish but I would rather pay for every book I ever read and buy my children all their books. I refuse to support the library after that.
indiechick indiechick
With the exception of large furniture related things, pianos and groceries (which I still try to do exclusively at the farmers market in the summer) I do all of my shopping at smaller locally owned businesses

even then No walmart or kmart or affiliates. (I deeply miss costco, we dont have it where I live). No Abercombie EVER, no hollister. Very little chain clothing period, with the exception of pants *i have a 35" inseam so I have to. Most of what I wear is vintage or second hand at the very least
stacylyn12 stacylyn12
Originally posted by Wicked Wahine
Are there any stores, (online. brick & mortar), companies, or services that you refuse to do business with?

The reasons you won't do business are what I'm looking for. Did you have shitty customer service? Are you opposed to the ...
I do not like walmart
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