Anyone ever regained lost weight?

Anne Anne
About a couple years ago, I was on a healthy regime of running 4-5 miles almost everyday, eating pretty healthy, etc... then when I turned 21 and became depressed over a long term relationship ending (along with friends not being supportive), I consequently became an alcoholic and lost my love of exercising. From the beginning I was 170 lbs, and went down to 115 lbs. Now I'm gaining some of it back (currently at 130 lbs). I'm training to be a registered dietitian, so I'm fully aware that for my height, if I were to gain 5 pounds more, I'm overweight. I've also suffered from bulimia, so I am aware that I have self-esteem problems...

I guess I'm kinda at a breaking point. I don't like how I look and I want to get back into the shape I was in before. It's like the alcoholism expedited my age or something... I just feel weaker than before. Plus, I feel like I don't give myself enough credit for the small achievement of starting out slow, I'm just so impatient with myself.

I guess I'm just looking for advice... maybe some inspirational stories? I don't know. I just feel hopeless sometimes. I know ultimately the motivation is up to me though.
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js250 js250
Thank you for being so honest and open in your post!! That takes a lot of courage and trust to share your vulnerability the way you have. I was in an accident a couple of years ago and my weight went up to 175, from 135 previous to the wreck. I lost all muscle tone in my stomach, arms, back and shoulders due to the injuries and recovery inactivity. I weigh about 148-152 currently and have gotten some of my tone back, but not all of it. I also have quit drinking beer--it makes me feel bad, like I did from the head injury and I cannot handle that feeling. I have also noticed with my husband, who is an alcoholic, his tone and weight is different than others. I think the alcohol adds fat deposits where there normally isn't any on your body and it is a bit harder to exercise those areas. Just personal opinion from observation, though--do not take this as a fact. What he did was find a physical activity he really loved and threw himself into it 100%. In his case, as in mine, it is dirt bike riding--hard and serious trails. A motocroser or enduro rider is second in physical fitness and muscle tone of all athletes. I realize this might not be your thing, but it is used as an example of an activity. It also produces those wonderful adrenaline rushes and endorphins which helps to replace addictions, depressions and lack of well-being. Good luck, and I hope knowing you are not alone helps!! You may message me anytime, I am always here for you and if there is any way I can help or just listen when you vent I am happy to do so!!
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