Anyone have any tips on how to lose weight?

michael scofield michael scofield
my mother and aunt are over weight and have high cholesterol. anyone have any easy tips on what to eat so they lose weight or any other tips this is my last chance on trying to help them but they dont seem to care. if I can convince them to stick to something and i will continue to support them thanks
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Lildrummrgurl7 Lildrummrgurl7
I recommend calorie counting and eating a plant-based diet. Don't recommend they cut any food groups. Your body needs fats and carbohydrates to function, it's just a matter of moderation and eating the right carbs and fats. It's possible to lose weight eating anything as long as it fits within your calorie limit and your macronutrient limits. Exercise also works miracles, even if it's just a 20 minute walk every day.

Myfitnesspal . com is a great calorie counting website with a supportive community. I've used it with great success.
RomanticGoth RomanticGoth
I like having a pedometer. It helps me make and keep walking goals. Also, I've cut out fizzy and suagry drinks (except coffee!).
Sammi Sammi
Are there particular things they like to eat? I don't mean like sweets, but certain types of food/food groups? That can go a long way to helping pick the right kind of diet/change and allow them to stick to it.

I am a big proponent of Atkins, in part because for me it worked (as an actual lifestyle change, not just a diet), and it worked because I could eat they types of food I liked (and what isn't allowed mostly isn't anything I crave or couldn't stand not to eat), so it wasn't hard to stick to the program and the changes.
gsfanatic gsfanatic
It helps a lot to go through things slowly, rather than by making major "no more sugar" commitments. Cutting back on sweets and slowly increasing exercise is the best way, since it doesn't put a shock on your system that radical diet/exercise would
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