Anyone have thyroid problems?

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Anyone have thyroid problems?

michael scofield michael scofield
doc said my thyroid levels are low and that could be reason im sweating alot and very weak and tired.
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Sundae Sparkles Sundae Sparkles
my mother has always had Thyroid issues a few years ago she had a Thyroid storm which caused graves disease.

she was catatonic for almost 2 weeks in the hospital before she was brought to the hospital she was having hallucinations, she didn't dare tell anyone because she was afraid she was having a mental break down. after a summer of hallucinations & being a little bit "off" my mom full blown lost it one day first saying it was the end of the world, walking around naked (at home) in high heels and saying alot of things that would never come out of my moms mouth. she spent almost a month in the hospital getting her thyroid levels back to normal and in the end the Dr.'s decided just to remove the thing.

She is completely back to normal now and thankfully is relieved of all the anxieties that once was normal for her.
alot of people are diagnosed with being bipolar when truly its a thyroid thing. My grandmother has now started controlling here anxieties and spikes in her behavior
I now get my levels checked when going to the doctors

Hormones are a bitch
*Camoprincess* *Camoprincess*
It has been a year or two but I was told mine was "borderline" on being high but they retested an it came back "fine" even when they found it was elevated it a little they told me it was nothing to worry about at that point that I wouldn't need meds. I am not sure where I stand on that right now will go back to the doctors for blood work and all that in a few weeks.
Trysexual Trysexual
I have low thyroid as well. Take daily medication for it. Runs in the family. I still feel weak and tired pretty often, get dry skin, lose hair etc. I wish I had gotten tested earlier. Been on meds for about 5-6 yrs.
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