Anyone who doesn't use any anti-virus softwares? :D

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Anyone who doesn't use any anti-virus softwares? :D

DreamWolf DreamWolf
Once a techie guy friend of mine said that he doesn't use any anti-virus apps because they just make yer machine slower, and he already pays enough attention to keep his pc safe... And indeed, nothing ever happened with it!

I am weirded out as hell, but oh well, techie people know it better...

Are you someone who also doesn't use any because of totally safe using of your pc?

(I have left out other important apps like spyware and maleware software, of course one needs those too, and the mentioned guy didn't have any too... )
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unfulfilled unfulfilled
We use software even though he's a techie.
I like to try harder I like to try harder
I don't think doing without is a good thing. Many of the anti-virus apps use way too many resources. There are some that use few resources, but give a decent amount of protection. If you download anything, you should have some type of protection. I have had viruses come through on programs or files that I have had every reason to believe were legitimate. I am a techie and currently back in school as computer and information system major so we have had many discussions about this at school.
Valentinka Valentinka
Haven't used any anti-virus stuff for almost two years already and my PC is safe and sound... at least as sound as it's possible with Vista! My parents, however, use these apps and still manage to catch something horrible every other month.
El-Jaro El-Jaro
I don't use an anti-virus. They just slow my comp down too much. I just make it a point not to go to any questionable sites and use TrendMicro and AVG when needed.
Master DarkWolf Master DarkWolf
I do use all the needed apps, it's just something you have to have when you work with so many people online.
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