Are you a "Listener" or a "Jumper"?

Bignuf Bignuf
Once again there was a tragedy at sea, where a Korean ferry boat capsized. Like with the Costa Concordia cruise ship disaster of a couple years back, many who perished listened to the crew to "stay in place, wait in line, wait for instructions". While that sure seems "reasonable", a good number of those who survived say they did so, because they saw the opportunity to jump off the ship into the water, and took it.
The same thing has happened in countless other situations as well. On 9/11 many people in the towers received instructions from security to "stay put until "rescued" by authorities. Some listened, some other said "no way" and immediately took to the stairways to escape. Guess who lived?
Faced with an impending disaster scenario, are you one who will see the opportunity to leave and do so (Jump), or will you put your trust in the "trained experts" and listen to their instructions, no matter what?
I am not suggesting people ignore authorities during emergencies, but long ago I decided that the best place for me to be in a disaster is as far away from the source of trouble as possible, and I don't plan to wait for anyone to tell me to "go". I really think, regardless of the situation, you have to have a certain survival mindset beforehand. What about you?
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SaucyxGirl SaucyxGirl
I am one of those people who doesn't freeze up in crisis. I attempt as quickly as possible to come up with solutions. Since I know that some people tend to freeze under pressure or can make critical mistakes due to stress I tend to explore all my options..but if I feel mine are more logical and/or increases my odds of safety then I go with mine.
PadoruLover PadoruLover
I'd like to say I'd stay but I don't know.
edeneve edeneve
I tend to go against the grain if I'm in a situation that I'm fairly unhappy with, usually.
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