Are you a night eater?

SecretToyMan SecretToyMan
I caught my wife this week half asleep eating a candy bar in the kitchen. She was so alarmed when I had shaken her (her eyes looked half closed) and she said "I can't believe I am eating!". Now, she wasn't asleep. She said she knew she was eating. However, she had gotten up from sleep to do it so she was "half asleep" and really too out of it to know that it wasn't good to be eating that late. She has gained about 10 lbs. in the last 3 months so I feel we may have found the reason why. I have never seen this happen in real life. Does anyone else do this?
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princessss princessss
I certainly don't Lol. But I get hungry mostly during the night and I have to eat something or else I can't fall asleep. I usually eat a bowl of ice cream Lol. It does the trick!

And when I'm like half asleep, I can't even think about getting up. Lol.
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