Are you an "eager downloader"? :D

DreamWolf DreamWolf
Some folks don't download things which are hard to obtain (for example you have to spend a lot of time finding them), or which take a lot of time to get because they are in pieces for example, or way too large to get quick...

Myself I always hunt everything down gods dammit, and spend even hours if there is something I want to have, even if I wouldn't mind not to have it, but I decided to get it, so I get it no matter how long it takes!

What about your downloading habits?
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js250 js250
It really depends on how bad I want something. I have been known to get stubborn and not give up until I get something but that is few and far between.
Ghost Ghost
If there's something I'm after, I find it. Period.
powerandintent powerandintent
Originally posted by Ghost
If there's something I'm after, I find it. Period.
Same here. If I want it, it's worth my time to hunt it down.
married with children married with children
I used to download alot of things, mostly unreleased songs. now days I dont do much.
KyotoAngel KyotoAngel
The only thing I've ever really hunted down until I found it was a Tennessee Ernie Ford album (The Star Carol) and a few songs from an anime soundtrack.
Other than that, if I can't find it after half an hour or so I don't usually bother.
I'll set it aside and look again at a later date if I don't find it.
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