Are you doing anything special to avoid getting the flu?

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Are you doing anything special to avoid getting the flu?

Bignuf Bignuf
Are you doing more to keep yourself safe from this years flu epidemic?

Are you going out into public less? Are you using hand sanitizer more? What steps, if any, are you taking to keep yourself and your family safe?
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Cat E. Cat E.
I haven't gotten a flu shot and I'm not doing anything different.
BrittaniMaree BrittaniMaree
Not really wash your hands a lot and try to avoid sick people is about all you can do oh and get the flu shot if you can
ShadowedSeductress ShadowedSeductress
I already caught it): I've missed a whole week of work already.
Bleu Bleu
Washing my hands, hand sanitizer, avoiding the sick...Well I'm not going to school until February so I'm missing most of it. I never get a flu shot.
nikki0668 nikki0668
I work in a healthcare facility, so I opted for the flu shot this year. I also wash and sanitize my hands all the time.
spiced spiced
I work from home and I've postponed a couple of client meetings in the city until the epidemic has run its course. No way am I going to sit on a crowded train for an hour with all those potential carriers!

Maybe I'm being overly cautious, but I've also been working out at home (thus avoiding the gym) and only going to the grocery store when I know it won't be crowded.

No flu shot, because both times I got one, I reacted badly. I wash my hands A LOT, but I've done that since I learned how effective that is in preventing all manner of illnesses.
Just washing my hands a lot and drinking lots of water.
KyotoAngel KyotoAngel
Nothing special, just avoiding fellow people as often as I can and washing my hands, though if one of us in the house gets sick we break out the face masks so it doesn't spread as easily.
Plus I don't tend to get colds/flu/etc. that easily and when I do I always get better faster than everyone else in the house, that helps a lot. xD
Martiniman Martiniman
Other than getting the flu shot, were washing our hands a lot.
Lildrummrgurl7 Lildrummrgurl7
Nah, not doing anything I wouldn't normally do. I haven't had the flu since I was 13. I do work in a market on campus and I use hand sanitizer after I help sick customers, but I always do that.
Living Doll Living Doll
I didn't get a flu shot and I'm not doing anything special.
Rod Ronald Rod Ronald
I bathe in Lysol every night. It burns my a hole, but it sure beats getting the flu!
That was a joke by the way...I'm sorry...I am in a wierd freaking mood this morning
roskat roskat
Washing your hands often and thoroughly with soap is the best way.
anonkitty anonkitty
Sure. Flu shot.
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