Are you or your SO handy?

Thumper Logic Thumper Logic
Do you like to fix things at home or get other people in to do it? I like fixing simple stuff on my own.
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K101 K101
Oh heck to the yes! Before my partner came along -- it was a nightmare. He's so, so, so handy! I'm telling you, he can fix anything. I've become incredibly handy too, but shooot! I still can't fix a leaky faucet or give my closet a total makeover with new shelves and all that. Like I said, this guy is handy! I take advantage of that skill. My closet's never been so full of shelves! Lol.

We NEVER have to hire people to do anything around here. We've always been that way though. My grandfather was super handy, so growing up him and my dad done all our housework and stuff. Built a kick-butt new porch all on their own, done our floors, cabinets, etc. And now my partner is super handy, so we're never in need of a pro!

My partner owns rental property and has to take care of it, so he's like a professional in every department. It's beautiful really. Lol. He can do it all.
js250 js250
I have pretty much had to learn to fix what is broken and to add new things to the house. When I was much younger--no money and a crappy landlord taught me that you CAN do things when you are in dire need. I value that lesson now!!
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