What are your bad habits?

thesquaredeific thesquaredeific
What sort of bad habits do you have?
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js250 js250
Smoking & procrastination.
pestilence pestilence
Procrastination, avoiding social situations, picking at my nails and hangnails.
Rod Ronald Rod Ronald
Ansley Ansley
Mostly smoking. At least, it's the most damaging habit I have. I'm at the point where I'm starting to get fed up with the smell and the ashes all over the place and burning my skin because of these stupid bands that stop the cigarette from burning down to the filter, so if you aren't continually puffing away it goes out and then when you relight the cigarette the damn thing engulfs itself in flames and half of it falls off onto the floor, my bare skin...you get the picture.
libra777 libra777
I can get super lazy. Leading up to my day off i think about all the stuff i need to get done but when the day comes i usually over sleep and do very little lol Not always, but enough times to annoy myself!
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