Big Brother/ Big Sister

Adam02viper Adam02viper
Has anyone ever participated in the big brother/ big sister program?
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toxie m
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I was a big brother
I was a big sister
toxie m
I was a little brother
I was a little sister
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BBW Talks Toys BBW Talks Toys
No, I haven't. However, when my kids are older and I have free time, I'm definitely interested in being a Big Sister.
BadgersRose BadgersRose
I haven't but it'd definitely a great program and worthwhile to be involved in.
toxie m toxie m
Yup! I'm currently a Big Sister and it's lots of fun
married with children married with children
I have not, but I do alot of charity work around my town. Just never with a org. Just stuff I do on my own or with my dad. We like to help people out when they are in need. I would like to be a big brother someday.
hjtee hjtee
No I havent. It is not offered in my community.
ViVix ViVix
Originally posted by Adam02viper
Has anyone ever participated in the big brother/ big sister program?
If there was one closer I would consider it.
breebree breebree
i was always with them. any chance i had i would get away from them
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