Body modification?

Oliver Gray Oliver Gray
Does anyone link body modification to sexual and emotional desire or expression? I feel like mods are a way to channel your passions and your lifeforce better, or something like that.
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Tangles Tangles
It can be, but I don't automatically link other's body modifications to that. I only have my ears pierced, and I wasn't really thinking any of those things when I had it done when I was 8.
- Kira - - Kira -
I have four tattoos and four remaining piercings. I don't think any of them were a way to express sexuality. They were definitely a way to express individuality, though now with so many people getting them it's not quite as unique. Oh well.
Caus Caus
I don't really link body mods to anything regarding sexual/emotion but merely artistic expression. I guess sexuality/emotions can play a role in that, though.
silverpheonix and curvyturtle silverpheonix and curvyturtle
tattoo's and body piercing can have a definete spiritual, sexual, and emotional desire. Many people today get tattoo's because they are cool. Which I can't argue with. However tattoo's used to be used as marks of manhood or if you were a warrior and such. They were used to show who you were and your beliefs and the above mentioned. That isn't always the case today. I for instance have four tattoo's all of which have a very significant meaning as to who I am and the raod that lies ahead of me. before I had gotten any of my tattoo's I thought about it for a long time before I decided that the design I had chosen was correct for me, where and my body it was located and its meaning. I have also had 17 body piercings not including ears, on various parts of my body. However even though they have not closed shut and I could still wear them there is only two that I still wear on a regular basis.
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