Buzzkill In The Room

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Buzzkill In The Room

mmike1900 mmike1900
After watching the Hunger Games trailer, I remember that I started a forum (on a different site) about the books and movie. It was a short-lived forum, but one that I remember because of one particular person.

I started the forum to invite other fans to discuss how awesome the books are and why we are excited for the movie. Then, this guy joined in and talked about why he doesn't like the books and how he isn't thrilled to see the movie. Granted his tone was polite and his question, which was why we enjoy the book, seemed kind of innocent, but he completely ruined the forum. His simple little question became a discussion. He went from stating his argument to preaching about why the book is bad and immoral. A fellow fan was kind enough to talk to him, but I lost my patience and chimed in to tell him that he doesn't have to read or watch the movies. I strongly implied to him to leave the forum. I inferred from his response that I was being rude to him.

Was I rude? I may have been a tad aggressive about it, but that guy pretty much killed the forum. Not only did he go a little off topic, but he decided to impose his thoughts in a forum that is not catered to him. I feel like this guy could have just minded his own business and allow us fans to discuss what we like in peace.

Does anybody else feel like venting out their experience with a buzzkill?
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Ghost Ghost
I think you were excessive. A "forum" suggests the free dissemination of information, from many sides, not just your side.
Ms. Spice Ms. Spice
sounds like you were dealing with what the internet likes to call "trolls." however, if he was not, just because someone doesn't agree with your opinions doesn't mean they're not allowed to express them. if something bugs you that much, either try to get the thread back on track or ignore him.
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