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married with children married with children
do you use your phone as your only camera? Or do you have both a camera phone and a camera?

My phone takes better pictures then my old digital camera, that I have needed to replace for a few years now.
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GravyCakes GravyCakes
i have both, but i usually just use my phone now.
Acorn Acorn
I never use my phone camera unless I don't have my camera with me. I bought a phone that had a really nice camera as its main selling point and I still wasn't satisfied so I gave up.
Eva Schwaltz Eva Schwaltz
Only use my phone's camera.
MaryExy MaryExy
I use my phone's camera, though I still have my digital camera. I find it easier to use, not to mention that I can easily mail pics to myself (with iOS 5 it will automatically send them to my computer, which will be nice)
Sammi Sammi
I use both. If I'm going somewhere on vacation, I take my digital camera with me - it has much higher resolution and zoom. If I'm just out and about and need to take a picture, then I just use the one on my phone.
married with children married with children
I have been finding that I use my phones camera all the time for work. Taking pic's of parts I need to replace. Alot easier then trying to explain it to the salesman.
I can see taking my camera with me on a vacation, or family gathering. But I think for everything else I will just use the phone
v23 v23
Both. If I'm prepared to take pictures then I used my camera. If I'm randomly out and don't have it, I use my phone . . . so mainly my phone. lol.
Ryuson Ryuson
I used to, but I just got a good camera to use for proper photos!
null null
I have both, but never ever use my digital camera. It was a gift instead of cash last minute before graduation from my parents. I've never been one to take pictures so they said I could take it back, I should have...
Valentinka Valentinka
My phone's camera is too bad, so I use my digital camera.
Errant Venture Errant Venture
I rarely use my phone's camera - only for naughty photos to send to my girl. I prefer my digital camera. It's better, and is easier to send and store on the computer.
Badass Badass
I have both a camera and a cell with a camera.
Usually Im using the phone.
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