Charity Shopping: Does it Influence You?

Ms. Paprika Ms. Paprika
Lately I've been seeing more companies promote charity shopping: if the consumer buys X amount of products or spends a certain amount, a portion of that goes to charity. Some companies do a 1:1 ratio, like Tom's shoes (buy a pair and another pair goes to children in need). Multiple others just donate 1% of the product price. My question is: Does knowing the company supports charitable work influence your buying behavior?
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I support companies that give back!
I'm spending money anyways so it's good to know I'm also helping.
teeny <3 , MaryExy , hjtee , Sammi , dv8 , Lio , Jackol , A Closet Slut (aka nipplepeople)
I'll buy a product I don't *really* need to help the cause.
If I want the product I'll get it, regardless of charity work.
MaryExy , Sammi , dv8
It's a gimmick by the company.
Depends on the product.
Depends on the company and its reputation.
Ivy Wilde , hjtee , Sammi , dv8 , Reyes
Depends on what the company is giving back.
Sammi , dv8
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teeny <3 teeny <3
I don't go out of my way to do this, just participate when it's convenient. Very seldom do I switch to a different brand or product, but I have been known to buy the pink version of something to support the Komen Foundation. Generally, I prefer to do the donating myself. Rather than send the money through the intermediary of a corporate donation, I'll buy duplicates of non-perishables and toiletries at the grocery and donate those to a local shelter or food drive.
hjtee hjtee
I usually will do my charitable shopping from an organization, rather than a company. My main two are PETA and Animal Rescue Site. The latter has a lot of nice organic products, including clothing.
Sammi Sammi
It depends on what they're giving to. If it's something I don't support, then I might not buy the product at all, or not from them. Otherwise, I think it's a great idea.
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