College Degree

Secret Pleasure Secret Pleasure
How many people have a college degree and in what?

Do you actually use the degree you got now?
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- Kira - - Kira -
I went to college for about five years and never got one. I kept switching majors and such. What a waste of my time. I wish I would have known better what I wanted to do at that time so I could have majored in something and stuck with it.
Caus Caus
I'm currently trying to graduate with a BA in History, I hope my degree is helpful in me gettin' a job, that's for sure.
Ghost Ghost
I have a BS in biology, and am currently getting my MS in biology. Yes, I use it.
js250 js250
Associates for paralegal. Never used it, got into graphics when I bought the business I was working at.
underHim underHim
I have my bachelors in health care management. I do not use it as I am a stay at home mommy. I will use it someday I assume.
Zombirella Zombirella
I have an associates in Corrections and just finished my bachelors 2 weeks ago in Corrections and Social Services. I plan on getting a job in my field as soon as I heal from my foot surgery I'm getting in about 2 weeks. I'll take a social work job but I'd prefer one in the criminal justice field.
madpupalex0 madpupalex0
I have an associates in business and science but I have not needed them yet because I have a lot of schooling left to become a vet.
Jul!a Jul!a
I have an associates in Interior Design, with no real intention to use it. I wanted to finish to say I finished, and I did.
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