Should you have a lot of common interests?

LoveBug721 LoveBug721
Is it important to have a lot of common interests with your special someone or is a few good enough?
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js250 js250
Whatever works out the best for the two of you. It is good to have at least a few common interests, but I feel the more you have in common--the better it will work out.
T&A1987 T&A1987
separate interests make someone separate rather than dating one's self. Still, some overlap is always good, especially if it's something that encompasses a fair amount of one's life. If two people watch a lot of TV, but have diametrically opposed tastes, then it probably won't end well.
voenne voenne
Common interests are very important in a relationship, but it's also very important to keep your own identity and sense of self. A few is good enough- having none can make things difficult. You need to have things to do that make you happy on your own, so finding balance is key.
BG529 BG529
I agree common interests are important. some separate aren't bad...
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