Connecting to your neighbor's network?

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Connecting to your neighbor's network?

Kat and Aaron(aaron) Kat and Aaron(aaron)
When we moved into our new home it took a couple of days for our internet service to be connected. In the meantime I found several unsecured networks belonging to our neighbors.

How do you feel about connecting to their unsecured networks?

Is it something you would do? Have done?
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PeaceToTheMiddleEast PeaceToTheMiddleEast
I have done it once before. But it was only to check mail really quick because it was so slow.
js250 js250
I had this happen while traveling but no close neighbors makes this pretty impossible where I live.
gsfanatic gsfanatic
I have, but mostly as a system test to see where the issue was with my wireless
Chilipepper Chilipepper
Nah. Besides, everyone around here makes up crazy-shit names for their connections so no one else would want to be associated with them.

(Although at one point four of us on our block went thematic and came up with silly-ass rabbit references: "Fluffy Bunny Feet", "Twitchy Nose McCottontail", "Flopsy Bopsy Bunny", and "CuddlyBunkins". Nobody bothered to piggy-back our section of the neighborhood.)
AwesomeAmanda AwesomeAmanda
I have. If they didnt want it to be used, make a password i figure. I leave mine open so that my neighbor can use it.
Ryuson Ryuson
When I first moved into my Dad's place he didn't have wifi up, so I used one of the neighbors wifi.
KyotoAngel KyotoAngel
We used to use "linksys" but that one is pretty much everywhere I think.
But we never used a neighbors wifi because 1) our neighbors have all been pretty grumpy, rude people and 2)we felt it would be wrong to do so anyway.
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