Deserted Island on Reality TV

Airen Wolf Airen Wolf
Ok so if you were stuck on a deserted island on some sort of strange reality tv show with unlimited batteries,or electrical outlets what tywo toys would you love to have some uninterrupted time with? What two would you not want to be without?
What lube would you love to see flowing out of the lovely lighted fountain?
Who would you love to have unlimited access to KamaSutra or Intimate Organics massage oils with?
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Airen Wolf Airen Wolf
Oddly enough my go to vibrator is not an expensive one, if I want to get off quick then my simple pocket rocket reigns supreme. I'd love to have much more time to explore all the possibilities of my 'Glass Wand' by WHK GmbH I just got it and haven't had time yet to play I wouldn't want to be without my Reflections Joy by Doc that thing!

I imagine the fountain would have beautiful LED lights that would shine up through the lube turning it all sorts of soft romantic colors. It would have two sides: one for silicone lube (I'd prefer Pink) and one for water based lube (Sliquid for me).

Ok so it might sound sappy and way too romantic but I'd love to have unlimited time and oils to share with Sigel. He is such a sensualist and just LOVES being stroked and touched. I swear he purrs like a giant cat. He gives as good as he gets as well .
LicentiouslyYours LicentiouslyYours
Right now, I think I'd have to go with my Little Chroma and Lelo Ella. I'd go with Love Balm, organic lube which would work as a massage oil too!
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