Dessert toppings in bed.

Mr. John Mr. John
Dessert toppings in bed.

Does anyone enjoy dessert toppings in bed? I’m intentionally being vague. Your answers could be from the sublime to the ridiculous, the obvious, and the not so obvious. No wrong answers here.
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married with children married with children
we dont bring any food into the bedroom. it gets too messy.
KinkyKatieJames KinkyKatieJames
We've tried caramel sauce and whipped cream, but didn't really like it. Too sticky!
Mr. E Mr. E
No food in our bed and definitely not anywhere near her girly bits.
She is super-duper hypersensitive.
Silverwinds Silverwinds
I havent yet, but I'm totally gonna bring chocolate sauce and whipped cream into the equation. It's gonna be great!
mpfm mpfm
We don't bring food into the bedroom. It's too messy.
Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
We did as relative newly weds. It was a fun way to add variety - but once we found toys - no more chocolate syrup was necessary!
sunflower sunflower
I feel like Nutella would taste better than a lot of special edible body paint you can buy. And it's cheaper.
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