Do you get those embarrassing moments in public when your baby cries and people stare at you?

lalyy lalyy
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do u get those embarassing moments in public when your baby cries and people stare at u?
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Peggi Peggi
No, I don't have kids, though I'll admit to being an unintentional stare-er. For some reason when babies cry I always instinctively look over, and then I always have this maternal instinct that kicks in. I don't even realize I'm staring until a few minutes in or my guy nudges me. I think subconsciously I'm watching to make sure that the parent does what they need to do so the baby stops crying (gives them the proper treatment, feeds them, whatever it is they need) as a habit from helping one of my friends when she had her first child, and I knew a lot about kids from nannying and babysitting, so I'd always watch and lend a hand when she needed help. I think it's left over from that lol.
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