Do you buy from personal stores?

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Do you buy from personal stores?

DreamWolf DreamWolf
I wonder about something...

There are all those personal stores, and though they give wonderful selections, I tend to use simply the main EF layout...

I also intend to have an own personal store, and I just wonder what advantages it can have for the buyer, as for example I don't remember seeing any price differences, and you can use the 15% codes simply in an EF purchase too, at least I guess...

Do you buy from personal stores, and what are your reasons?
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Adriana Ravenlust Adriana Ravenlust
I never even look at them. I'd have to make an effort to. Plus, I use my own affiliate code.
Allstars316 Allstars316
I have not yet. I have looked at a few. But nothing to a point where I will buy an item from a store. I think I would look, but also read reviews on the items too. Since coming here I feel reviews are the best way to make choices.
Master DarkWolf Master DarkWolf
Nope, I don't.
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