Do you ever feel that there is a dark cloud over you when it comes to relationships, love and happiness?

js250 js250
I have noticed that there are many people who often state their happiness, relationship and love is short and far between. These are often people who have 'bad luck' that seems to follow them around in their life....

--Do you know of or are you one of these people?

--What is your opinion of the situation, is it just bad luck?

--How have you helped or overcome this situation with yourself or another person?
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Chilipepper Chilipepper
I always believed it was me. Nobody wanted to date me and the only opinion I got out of the opposite sex was that I was too fat and ugly for anyone to want to be with. So I married the only guy who ever expressed interest (21 ... such a young age, but when you know everyone else dating for almost ten years by that point, you feel desperate). My unhappiness with my first husband was both of our own doing, as we were both extremely incompatible as spouses - not to mention he blamed me for his disinterest in having sex, so the marriage was never consummated.

After finally getting rid of him, I kept meeting immature types until I finally worked on my own emotional health, and the guys started becoming better quality.

I still have my neurotic moments, but my fiance knows how I tick and is able to tell me to get over it like an adult, and he refuses to feed any negativity I suddenly feel. In turn, I'm growing out of feeling like I have bad luck; I'm simply making more conscious decisions about my relationships and happiness. Quite liberating, really.
HoneyBear69 HoneyBear69
yes alot
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