Do you ever get so concentrated on your preferences that you forget about your partner?

ViVix ViVix
So, my boyfriend really shows no interest in my Eden stuff. Therefore, I have always focused solely on what will make me happy. Then, I ran across the "makeup" section on Eden. I realized that I don't even consider that there might be new products that won't intimidate him (the warming and cooling balms perhaps). I realized I don't think about what he wants from sex at all, which makes me feel bad. Do you ever get so caught up in orgasming/ejaculating that you forget about what your partner is feeling or don't take them into consideration?
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I sometimes get caught up in my own orgasm/ejaculation.
I put myself into my partner's shoes often.
I buy stuff from Eden that my partner wants even if I won't use it.
My partner has brought things into the bedroom without considering what I like.
My partner has brought things into the bedroom that I don't like (though he/she thought I would).
I have brought something into the bedroom without considering my partner.
I have brought something into the bedroom that I thought my partner would like, but he/she didn't.
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js250 js250
I do by him things, but men do not have the selection women do. I usually buy for myself with a few things for him tossed in. Sometimes a good thing for him and little ones for me.
Vegan Silk Vegan Silk
my last partner was much wealthier than i was. he ended up buying me lots of toys even if he wasn't using them with me. mostly I jsut get stuff for my self or to review. we did pick out some anal play items for us to use together though..
Clubbinseals Clubbinseals
Badass Badass
My boyfriend doesn't care either way. He gets excited when I get excited. Like waiting for my Jopen Intensity.. it doesn't do anything for him, but he asked me if it had come yet? Because he knows how excited I am over it... And how strong my kegels are about to be.
Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
Since my wife will not participate in picking toys, I'm left to guess what she's going to like. My batting average in pretty good - but I have had a few strike outs. She's had countless orgasms because I've been willing to take those risks - so she's finally stopped asking not to buy more toys.
Elnoa Elnoa
I am guilty of this. My husband doesn't seem to mind.
Calla Calla
I have the opposite problem. I end up focusing only on his pleasure instead of my own.
Secret Pleasure Secret Pleasure
I am single so i focus mostly on me but i have s friend with benefits so sometimes i think about him.
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