Do you feel comfortable sharing things from this site on Facebook?

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Do you feel comfortable sharing things from this site on Facebook?

DidoOfCarthage DidoOfCarthage
I just find it interesting how many likes some things have.
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Cherrylane Cherrylane
As much as I don't want to respond because the way you posted so many discussions in a row with mostly little thought makes me think point farmer, I'll answer.

No. I do not. I, for one, use facebook in a variety of ways that includes networking for jobs and generally being polite to people I don't give a shit about. The friends I have that are close enough to know what toys I like on EF are friends I generally don't like to talk to on facebook because I prefer to talk to them by text or phone or in the real world with regularity. Instead of bothering to navigate a jungle of settings and remembering who's in which group and would I mind this person seeing it and will facebook make this public in a week, I just don't post shit I don't everyone to see.

That, I assume, is why liking things on facebook is so heavily weighted in points. To encourage some desperate people to post. Also because if it's posted on facebook it has a high likelihood of bringing someone new to the site. But. Anyway. No.
Lildrummrgurl7 Lildrummrgurl7
I don't like anything on Eden. It's not that I'm shy about Eden, I just have too many older relatives that aren't minded as me that would see it. Almost all of my friends and my parents already know that I review toys. It just might give my grandparents a heart attack.
MsDrProfKitty MsDrProfKitty
Haha I keep my actions and involvement on Eden a secret except with my close friends. A lot of people wouldn't understand what Eden is about and I need my Facebook to not hurt the career I'm going toward too much lol (it's sad that many of us feel we have to hide this from the social networks)
Rod Ronald Rod Ronald
I do all the time. I could care less what my facebook friends think to be honest.
Major Panda Major Panda
I dont.
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