Do you get embarrassed easily?

Kissy Kissy
I get embarrassed easily... in fact I get embarrassed by being embarrassed!! Over the years, it has gotten a little better though... how about you?
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Ms. N Ms. N
Not too much...I will not shy away from embarrassing situations if it is for a good cause. One of my favorite mantras is "Embarrassment is only temporary."
Sundae Sparkles Sundae Sparkles
in front of my family or true friends I could care less ... in public as long as I've got one of them by my side I ham it up... without them... I would prefer to not even open my mouth
Nora29714 Nora29714
Yes I do... I had to let this man in my car to listen to my sub. well on comes lil wayne rapping about "licking a bitches pussy" and I had to change the song and then comes "oh miss parker" oh it was awful!
I don't feel I do anymore, but I use to be shy and hated being noticed for silly things.
ghent529 ghent529
nope. i could careless
Geogeo Geogeo
Not really, depends on what it is and who its around.
Hot'n'Bothered Hot'n'Bothered
Not really, least not as bad as when I was a kid!
Kitten has left the site Kitten has left the site
Yes...I blush way too easily...
js250 js250
Sometimes, yes. I have strange moments where I just get too embarrassed and then the world knows. I cannot hide it at all!!!
ashley2424 ashley2424
Nah, I dont get embarrassed easily..what comes up comes out usually and I just own every word of it lol
Chilipepper Chilipepper
Unfortunately, yes. This has caused great strain when I deliver a particularly entertaining line on subjects that I'm shy about.

Although after having fallen flat on my back in a handicap crosswalk in front of a group watching a street performer in Boston ... I've tasted the purest humiliation imaginable ...

After all, I got a bigger laugh than the street performer. -_-;
Rossie Rossie
Depends on the situation, but even when I'm embarrassed by something, I try not to show it.
JennSenn JennSenn
I do. I'm pretty shy though.
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