Do you like coriander?

sexfairy sexfairy
I find that most of times, people either really love or really hate coriander. I was curious to see towards where the majority would lean.
Answers (private voting - your screen name will NOT appear in the results):
I LOVE coriander
5  (56%)
I HATE coriander
1  (11%)
I don't love coriander but I don't mind it
2  (22%)
I don't hate coriander but I prefer not having it
I am totally neutral about coriander
1  (11%)
I never tasted coriander
It depends.../ other (explain)
Total votes: 9
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Zandrock Zandrock
love it
Rossie Rossie
I love coriander. I always add it to my Asian and Mexican dishes.
sexfairy sexfairy
I personally quite hate it really... I wish I'd like it but I can't!
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