Do you like corn?

Zandrock Zandrock
If yes how do you like your corn?
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ViVix ViVix
Originally posted by Zandrock
If yes how do you like your corn?
Popped. LOL. Corn on the cob is good too.
Inkkythesquid Inkkythesquid
Corn on the cob, loose corn tastes different to me, like not as fresh
johnnyjohn johnnyjohn
Yes sweet corn is the best!!
Incendiaire Incendiaire
I only like popcorn, or tortilla chips, other types of corn don't appeal to me at all.
Intrepid Niddering Intrepid Niddering
I love corn. On the cob, preferably, but I always cut it off the cob to eat it. I couldn't actually eat corn on the cob when I had braces and I still can't bring myself to do it anymore. I also can't bite into apples anymore; I have to cut it up to eat it.
Sera26 Sera26
Corn on the cob is my favorite. Popcorn is fun too though.
Undecided Undecided
I like whole kernel corn,corn on the cob and popcorn
Ex-prude Ex-prude
On the cob after being in the oven or over a campfire for a good hour. Wrapped in tin foil with a dab of butter. Falls off the cob! That or my grandma's corn casserole. It's pretty much just corn and a ton of butter. lol.
AmethystSmoke AmethystSmoke
I LOVE corn! Fresh, sweet corn on the cob is the best but I'll eat it in pretty much every form it comes in!
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