Do you like the new revamped JC Penny?

Bignuf Bignuf
It was always a "Sears" like store, without the appliences and with more cloths. Then they rounded things (no more something ninty nine) and promised to be "low prices always...without sales". Their sales figures slid. Now they are back to sales and sale ads!!! Do you think they have the "formula for success"? Do you shop there?
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Mr. E Mr. E
The revamped and remodeled JC Penney is very nice. The inventory selection is good and prices are very reasonable. I do not like to shop at the malls. I hate the malls, but I do shop at JCP.
Trysexual Trysexual
They are ok. They were ok before, but I don't go that often anyway.
Bleu Bleu
I don't shop there..
Kissaki Kissaki
I still shop there, but to be honest the prices were the same either way. For example, under their old structure, a pair of dress slacks might have $70 non-sale price. But they always seemed to be on sale for 50% so you'd only pay $35. I've noticed the same dress pants are now regularly priced $35. Either way you're paying $35 but under their old pricing you "saved" $35. I think some people enjoy focusing on the perception that they got a good deal, because they saved X amount of money relative to an inflated price.
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