Do you like to go bowling?

chantalgiardina chantalgiardina
My family loves to go bowling. It's fun and gets us all together.

do you like to bowl? alone or with your family?
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CollegeFun2014 CollegeFun2014
I love bowling. Either with friends or family. Not alone though.
KyotoAngel KyotoAngel
My mom and I used to bowl all the time, I loved it.
We don't go anymore because her fibromyalgia is getting to the point where such an activity would cause her a lot of pain.

I sucked at it but it was fun, I plan on going with my boyfriend someday. xD
SMichelle SMichelle
I haven't gone bowling in years. I used to really enjoy it, though.
Geogeo Geogeo
I haven't gone in about a year but I totally love bowling. I used to be in a league when I was like 8.
J5ive J5ive
I love bowling but haven't gone in years
Rossie Rossie
I love bowling and was quite good at it, but I haven't bowled for years and my bowling ball has became an antique.
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