Do you like to have sex outdoors?

Terri69 Terri69
Do you like to have sex outdoors? I never have been one to like sex in the grass or sand...I want a bed.
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js250 js250
I love it!! In the mountains, at the lake, by the waterfall, on the does not matter. There is something about sex and the fresh air also a bit of the naughty factor, that just gets me!!!
Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
As a teen it was great fun - not so much these days. We prefer a nice clean bed and a shower close by.
solitudinarian solitudinarian
It can be fun from time to time.
KyotoAngel KyotoAngel
At the moment no, unless we can set up a little tent. There are way too many huge spiders around for sex outdoors(and this is assuming I could teleport my guy up for a romp anyway).
Zombirella Zombirella
No, not my thing. I guess I'm sort of a priss about that. I like the outdoors but not sex. I like privacy.
unfulfilled unfulfilled
Yes I love having sex outdoors. Especially at a park or something that has hiking trails and you're with nature.
married with children married with children
my wife and I have sex outdoors every now and then. our back deck is perfect in the summer time.
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