Do you use moisturizer?

travelnurse travelnurse
DO you use moisturizers or face creams. Basically stuff to keep the wrinkles away?
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7  (41%)
1  (6%)
6  (35%)
I should
2  (12%)
1  (6%)
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voenne voenne
I've recently stopped using a moisturizer in order to allow my body to relearn how to balance itself out... Also trying to hydrate myself from the inside out. I have very dry, sensitive skin, so it's taking some getting used to. I'm starting to feel that slathering chemicals on our faces is causing more problems than it is solving them.
M.O.'s Girl M.O.'s Girl
I stopped using any type of product on my face about eight months ago, including moisturizer, on a regular basis. My reasoning was similar to Voenne's---I have naturally oily skin, so why was I stripping away the natural oils and replacing them with chemical ones? Why not let my skin learn to regulate itself naturally?

Now, I wash my face daily using just a terrycloth washcloth and warm water. No soap or cleanser. I do dot a little bit of eye cream under my eyes, because there are no oil glands there. Then I'm done. If I'm going to be out in the sun for a prolonged period of time, I will use a moisturizer with sunscreen first, as I'm fair-skinned and don't want to burn.

But other than that, no skin care products on my face, and it's doing just fine.
aimtoplease aimtoplease
Originally posted by travelnurse
DO you use moisturizers or face creams. Basically stuff to keep the wrinkles away?
when i can!
tophertoph447 tophertoph447
Yes or else my back itches really bad from dry skin.
Vii Vii
It becomes a necessity when my eczema gets really bad.
michael scofield michael scofield
queen helen coco. Its for body and face. use it after i shower and my skin feels great
ksparkles16 ksparkles16
well I'm still in my 20s so I don't need wrinkle cream yet. I do use a moisturizer on my face after I shower.
aluminummm aluminummm
Yep. Every day.
Eve12 Eve12
my skin gets dry really fast if i don't use lotion. i use lotion all over, and cream for my face
Incendiaire Incendiaire
I used to moisturise religiously, but these days I tend to forget.
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