do you wear it?

GravyCakes GravyCakes
how many things do you have in your closet that you bought thinking you were going to wear it, & then never do & end up eventually throwing it out after only wearing it once or twice?
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brittany8612 brittany8612
like alot, but usually my parentsll buy it
Ryuson Ryuson
I HATE this! I go to the thrift store and I end up with the whole "It's not very nice..." "But it's two bucks!" argument in my head!
wetone123 wetone123
I confess...I am a clothesoholic. I would have to live 3 lifetimes just to wear all the clothes I have once
Sunshineamine Sunshineamine
I used to have that issue. I overhauled my entire wardrobe, donate tons to goodwill and friends. I shop at consignment shops and find clothes that I simply must have and know of several occasions when I would definitely wear it before I even purchase an item now. Now I have a solid wardrobe with good summer and winter clothes that I can go through every year. And I have TONS more room.
js250 js250
Depends on if it fits now or later. LOL!!! I vary by ten-fifteen pounds, and when I buy things for each weigh sometimes they do not look as good on as when they were in the store.
Eva Schwaltz Eva Schwaltz
I used to do that a lot, now I have a closet full of practical and nice looking clothing, most of which I wear.
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