Do you work out on a regular basis?

princessss princessss
I'm super lazy and I can never get myself to work out Lol.
A few days a week though I will use the eliptical because we have one in our home but that's it.
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Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
It's not great fun - but I do work out 2-3x per week and play golf 1-2x on the weekend.
I run 4-5 times a week (3miles) & gym at least twice a week.
vanilla&chocolate vanilla&chocolate
I work out 5 times a week: a combo of strength, cardio, and yoga! I love working out
penny12 penny12
My plan is always to work out 5 days a week; however I don't know if I've ever actually done it. Usually turns into 3 days: (day 1) really good day of step class/weight training/swimming, (day 2) great day of yoga/bike ride, (day 3) step class/weights... and goes down hill from there. Its like I lose all will/drive to go to swimming by day 3 and then end up sleeping an extra hour instead of working out. If anyone has any tips to stay on schedule better please share.
geekkink geekkink
Does sex 3 times a day count?
Derpina Derpina
I go for a walk every day unless the weather is too bad or I'm too busy.. That's about all I do
Equae Equae
I love strength stuff, so I do it often. Cardio, not so much.
sktb0007 sktb0007
No but I really should start. Ugh.
gsfanatic gsfanatic
Reasonably so, hopefully more soon
bedorerc bedorerc
I try to every day, but things have been so busy with summer break that it has been more like once a week. I am going to get back on track once school starts again.
GenderSexplorations GenderSexplorations
I'm trying to start. Getting into the habit is really hard though.
Anne Anne
I wish I did.
VioletMoonstone VioletMoonstone
I've been doing an exercise video for 30 minutes everyday. It really gets your blood pumping and makes you breathe hard. lol. I guess that's good but I probably should do even more than that if I want to seriously lose weight.
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