Do your children hop in your bed

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Do your children hop in your bed

Scorpionwally Scorpionwally
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Our kids hop in our bed almost every damn night
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Gracie Gracie
When my kids were small we did allow them in our bed after bad dreams or if they were sick. But as soon as they were asleep we moved them back to their own bed. Different families decide to do different things about when/if they allow their kids to get in bed with them. I think there is no one right way. It is best for the kids when the parents both agree and are consistent about the house rules.
Kissy Kissy
Pets do!
Beck Beck
NEVER!! We always have our children in their own bed. We put them to bed every night and it has been that way for the longest time. They only time they have ever slept in our bedroom is when they are sick. That is only so I can hear them if they get sick. (I fear they will throw up in their sleep.) I put them on the floor. And they know it too. I pull out a table cloth and special blankets for them. As soon as they see the table cloth, they lay down on the floor. We have made it a point for them to know they have their own bed and that is where they need to sleep. Neither one of them have ever tried to sleep with us. Which is surprising because they are still pretty little (3 and 1.)
P'Gell P'Gell
We had a Family Bed when our children were small. They did, however sleep in their own beds for most naps and they would be moved to their own beds when My Man and I wanted to be alone together.

With Cue breastfeeding, it's pretty hard not to have a baby sleep in your bed, unless you want to be running around the house all night. Even if you aren't breastfeeding, getting up every hour or two is too much. Having the baby right there is not only easier, but it's been proven that babies who sleep with parents have a lower SIDS rate, grow better, nurse more easily and bond well.

Our kids would start the night in their own beds (most of the time) and then come into our bed for the first waking. As they grew older and stopped waking at night, they naturally slept all night in their own beds. I would make the decision to put them back in their beds after a feeding depending on how tired I was or if I fell asleep nursing. It is a joy to wake with a tiny newborn in your bed, or have an adorable toddler jumping around in bed in the morning.

It worked for us, and our kids never had a problem sleeping in their own beds when it was time to.
Scorpionwally Scorpionwally
Ours sleep in there own beds apart from our 8 month old who likes to get in with us
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