Does your line of work require continuing education, certification or other mandatory refreshers?

Bignuf Bignuf
Do you hate having your career always "on the line" because of this? Do you wait till the last minute to do what needs doing?
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OH&W, Lovebears , Taylor , the2ofus , Isola , Bignuf , leanright69 , LAndJ , Inquisitor
peppermintgal , Slutty Girl Problems , Amber1319
OH&W, Lovebears , Inquisitor
Taylor , leanright69 , Fetisha
U3H , Rin (aka Nire) , lala22 , Lvstoplay , Innocence Is Bliss
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OH&W, Lovebears OH&W, Lovebears
She is required to earn credits from continuing ed courses to renew RN license every 4 yrs. Last year have to get a CM certification also for a job she has been doing for 7 yrs. The company wanted the certificate for the wall.

I had to renew my FSMC every 4-5 years.
peppermintgal peppermintgal
I work for an health insurance company as an auditor and I do not CEUs. But the clinical staff do, the company provides several different choices they can take and also pays for the continuing education.
Taylor Taylor
I have 2 different jobs (physical therapy assistant, and massage therapist) and both of them require CEUs to keep up my licenses. I didn't mind when it was just the one license to keep up, but it's become a real hassle now since I feel like I am ALWAYS doing CEUs. However I do feel like I learn a lot from them and that they make me a better therapist.
Slutty Girl Problems Slutty Girl Problems
Mine doesn't need any retraining :/
RonLee RonLee
I am required to attend various training classes and pass the testing, but it's usually policy related and not specifically for the enhancement of my job skills.
Fetisha Fetisha
I've been a cook for a few years now at a large company, and they just require occasional policy retraining sessions for food safety, preventing injuries, etc.
Rin (aka Nire) Rin (aka Nire)
My current job (pet store retail, yay...) doesn't require it, but I'm currently going to school to become a vet tech, which does require continuing education every few years.
I have to renew my state license every few years by fulfilling professional development goals.
Inquisitor Inquisitor
It's not like I want to wait till the last minute, but that is when management reminds me about the training I have to do.
May 30, 10:15 am
Amber1319 Amber1319
Originally posted by Bignuf
Do you hate having your career always "on the line" because of this? Do you wait till the last minute to do what needs doing?
Unfortunately I am stuck in a job a monkey could do, so no training really needed.
Jun 1, 6:55 pm
Innocence Is Bliss Innocence Is Bliss
Technically, I don't have to do any additional training for my current job. I just do it because it looks good as far as credentials go, keeps my boss happy, and, occasionally, I actually learn something useful.
Jun 5, 6:06 pm
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