Dream jobs

Adam02viper Adam02viper
Is your employment in which your are at right now the dream job you wanted to have when you were a kid? Where do you work now, and what was your dream job if your are not at it now?
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littlezimmey littlezimmey
Oh man! I work in retail and that is absolutely the last place I want to be! Of course, like all kids I wanted to be just about everything depending on the day. I didn't have anything specific in mind as I got older but I always wanted to help others out in some way...still working on it
Remigirl Remigirl
I suppose I am doing my dream job so to speak. I'm going to school to be an art teacher but I always really wanted to be an artist in some form or another.
slynch slynch
I always wanted to be some kind of artist.

I've worked as a picture framer, managed a movie theater, worked at a national copy shop, and now work for an insurance company.

For the last few years I have been selling prints of my photos. I even paid for my wife's engagement ring with the photo sales. I think of it as a hobby that makes me some spending money.
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