Eden Party?

AmberM AmberM
How was the eden party tonight?? What did I miss?! I was Busy until 9pm CST, so I couldn't make it...
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Jul!a Jul!a
You missed a great party. There was a lot of awesome trivia!
OroNomi OroNomi
You missed lots of lolcatz, bacon martinis and zombie discussion. It was super busy!
zwee75 zwee75
For the parts that I actually got on my computer rather than my phone, I enjoyed it. It was nice to get a (insanely fast) dialog going on. It seems like most threads in the forum, people post and walk. So it was a nice change. Plus the gifts (congrats to the winners!!!)...
Vanille Vanille
Ohh it was amazing.

....until my computer got overloaded by all the data and shut down on me. XD;

She's okay now, though.
T&A1987 T&A1987
it was awesome, but it wore out F5.
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