Ever been fire cupped?

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Taylor Taylor
I've had it done to me a few times, mostly when I was taking the class on how to do it when I was in massage school. I do it to myself on my neck and shoulders when I can't get into my chiropractor or massage therapist.

I actually do cupping at work but not with fire cups, I use ones with suction. I use it to loosen up tight muscles. It actually works great if you do it right.

I can see how it might make it "sexier" for some people if fire is used, but to me it just seems like more work to do it using fire so I just stick to my suction cups. Plus I don't find it all that kinky or fun to do since it's part of my job lol
mistressg mistressg
I would. It sounds nice.
interestingstuff interestingstuff
Yeah when I'm sick my mom does it for me. When she puts it on too quick I get burned, but it rarely happens.
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