It's Exam Season...

Bethy Cassatt Bethy Cassatt
If you see a college student today, give them a hug. My hell week is... hell... Is anyone else fairing this storm, or what was your exam season like?
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Chilipepper Chilipepper
I've fortunately taken mostly self-paced classes for my last semester in office administration, so I have only one exam out of four classes.

But having taken a full-time course load of exam week finals before - my sympathies are with you, honey. *hugs* Good luck.
laflauta laflauta
My finals will be coming up before I know it. Good luck, everyone!
And of course, *hugs*
Gracie Gracie
Good luck to you and all our EF students!!! Let us know how you do!
tequilafish tequilafish
Finals are seriously the worst. I'm in my last two weeks of the semester, and it's torture. If I could drop out of school right now, I would. A couple of semesters ago I only got 8hrs of sleep out of 120hrs, and pretty much lived off of Red Bull. So not healthy. Yay college!
Rod Ronald Rod Ronald
Luckly I am not! Good luck to you all!
MrsHouseWife MrsHouseWife
Good Luck!
Lildrummrgurl7 Lildrummrgurl7
I have only 13 days of school left. I have so much to do it's not even funny! I'll be so happy two weeks from now!
Robespierrethecat Robespierrethecat
Yeah, my exam week is coming up and I am not looking forward to it at all. :c
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