What is your favorite breakfast cereal?

Bignuf Bignuf
Late lately I am "into" Cheerios. ...but jazzed up with whatever fruits are super sweet and look great. Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries. ...they are all delicious. What's your cereal choice?
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Bleu Bleu
Cheerios, Fruit Loops, Chex....Those are usually my go tos.
TheirPet TheirPet
Fruit loops, cinnamon toast crunch, the frosted mini wheats in original and blueberry...man I have a sweet tooth.
Bethy Cassatt Bethy Cassatt
Honey Bunches of Oats. An adult cereal disguised-- there's so much sugar in there, it really shouldn't count!
Sera26 Sera26
frosted shredded wheat, it doesn't matter what brand
shorejen9 shorejen9
Honey bunches of oats with almonds, frosted mini wheats and Special K. Yum!
MrWill MrWill
Cinnamon Toast Crunch. The first bowl is good, the second is great, and the milk is AMAZING afterwards!
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