Fire season has arrived!!! I live in an area that has severe fire seasons every year.....

js250 js250
----and this one is no exception!!

Living in a state that is as well known for its severe and extremely out of control fires--as well as its Big Sky and pristine mountains and rivers can be a bit difficult this time of year. Trapped underneath a never ending cloud of ashy, debris filled smoke right now is pretty darn depressing!! I also know this is going to last until the snow flies once in the mountain tops. This means winter is just around the corner!!

Does your area suffer a fire season or other natural disaster every year as well?? Please tell us about it--we can all give each other a bit of cheer to go along with the bad!!
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puppylove puppylove
I live in Colorado, our fire season started a while back, we had two fires in like two weeks that broke records for most homes destroyed and something else, it was bad, really bad. I don't live close to the fire danger zone, I'm on the opposite side of the metro area but we could still smell smoke out at our house and we could no longer see the mountains the smoke was so thick. We have fires every year
spookycutie spookycutie
Nope! I live in New England, and not a lot happens up here. Blizzards/masssssive snow storms some years, but I haven't had one of those where I live for a few years.
Lildrummrgurl7 Lildrummrgurl7
I live in Eastern Washington and fire season started a little while ago as well. We recently had a large wildfire close to my town and the whole town has been filled with smoke for the past few days. It is really depressing.
SMichelle SMichelle
I live in New York, so the only real issue we tend to have here is blizzards. We've had a few awful ones that have left us without power for over a week, but we've been really lucky the past few years.
Yep, out in the hills it's a big problem right now.
CaliGirl CaliGirl
I live in Cali and have to watch the fires before I can travel. It's horrible
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