Flu Season

peachmarie peachmarie
I know that the flu is running rampant where I live, my poor boyfriend started with the flu, running into a cold/respiratory infection on Christmas eve. He started to feel better this week Wednesday but now has picked up a stomach bug and is puking (and worse) all over. Since I live with him I'm just dreading if/when I get to start puking my guts up. Has anyone else been plagued with any nasty bugs this winter? Any tips or tricks to keep from spreading/getting sick in the first place? (I've gotten my flu shot, he hasn't and I'm washing my hands like a woman obsessed as well as sleeping on the couch.)
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Rossie Rossie
Oh boy, that must be awful! That's why it's so important to get the flu shot annually, even if it's not 100% effective every year. My family religiously take the shot every year, and we have been keeping the flu at bay...knock on wood!

Besides washing your hands and keeping your distance, you should use disinfectant wipes or spray on every thing he's touched, when someone in my house gets sick with something, that's what I'll do.

Hope your boyfriend recovers soon!
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