If you got the flu shot this year, 2013, did you have any side effects?

Bignuf Bignuf
What were they? How quick did they resolve? Have you gotten them in the past? Was this one worse or better?
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peachmarie peachmarie
Since I work in a hospital we are required to either get a flu shot or to wear a mask from the time flu season starts till it ends, which is a hassle so i just get the shot. I have never had any negative reactions, you could always get the flu mist which is a nasal spray instead of a shot.
bellaapple23 bellaapple23
I've never gotten one and I never will unless someone forces me too. I think unless you are a tiny baby or an old person you can live through the flu and be just fine. So, I see how it's important to get one if you are coming in contact with those populations.
Rossie Rossie
My husband, son and I all got the flu shot a few weeks ago and none of us have any negative reactions; in fact we never had any bad reactions from the flu shots we've taken over the years.
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