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Nazaress Nazaress
What causes you to unfollow someone? Lately, I've been unfollowing people for one big reason and that is that I'm tired of them posting and reblogging ignorant posts that fat-shame, make racist jokes, etc. Basically, anything that is hurtful. I'm sick of seeing it so they can be hateful with one less follower. Another thing that will get me to unfollow you is posting about drugs all the time or other things I'm uncomfortable with, like anorexia, cutting, etc. I also unfollowed a blog because I'm sick of half of their posts being advertisements. If you want to have ads on your blog, that's fine, but your posts shouldn't be advertisements. At least not half of them and if you're going to do them, tag them so I can use Tumblr Savior to not see them.

Why do YOU unfollow people?
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- Kira - - Kira -
I've never unfollowed someone, but then no one I follow does any of those things. They all just do sex toy reviews. *shrug*
pestilence pestilence
I haven't had to unfollow anyone for offensiveness yet, since almost anyone I follow who's being offensive is just doing so in an effort to piss off Tumblr justice warriors - something I think is a waste of time but won't begrudge someone for doing. Usually I unfollow if someone reblogs a lot of things I'm apathetic towards - with one person I saviored maybe 7 different words relating to serial killers, not because I disliked serial killers but because enough of her serial killer posts would still leak through to my dash that I'd still have trouble catching up with it all. I eventually learned she had an art Tumblr, and I'm a bit sad about unfollowing her personal, but I can't devote that much time to reading people's blogs.
Adriana Ravenlust Adriana Ravenlust
I don't "follow" blogs.
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