Girly girl VS. Tom boy

Badass Badass
Which do you think you are and why?

Which do you prefer in a mate?
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blacklodge blacklodge
I grew up a tom boy. I still am for the most part, but I don't dress like one anymore.
kawigrl kawigrl
tom boy, I'm more butch than femme
P'Gell P'Gell
I'm a femme. My interests are sometimes butch, but my appearance and style is very feminine. Of course, the Chicago accent I try to hide tends to de-femme a lot of what I say at times.
wdanas wdanas
I was very much a tomboy growing up, and still am to some extent. But I do also love dressing up and being very feminine and girly at times, so I consider it the best of both worlds.
GravyCakes GravyCakes
i'm more girly girl than tom boy, but i have my moments. i like guys who are a little more masculine & laid back.
Ms. Spice Ms. Spice
I'm incredibly Femme, and when I'm attracted to women, I like other Femmes too. I like incredibly masculine men.
Secret Pleasure Secret Pleasure
I am very girly and femme and i like femme women. As far as men go I like masculine men.
js250 js250
Definitely a tom boy, guys get all the good toys and fun activities!! I love my frills and lace on my lingerie though so also very girly girl when it comes to personal stuff.
Rin (aka Nire) Rin (aka Nire)
I don't really fit into either category. I'm in-between, perhaps leaning a bit more towards girly, and I like guys that are in-between, too (though maybe leaning slightly more towards masculine).
kz916 kz916
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