Grocery Shopping

HippieFeet HippieFeet
How much time do you usually spend in the grocery store? Do you coupon? Does your store make you bag your stuff yourself? Have you stopped using paper/plastic?
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I'll number to answer your questions XD.
1. I take about 15 minutes to a hour, depending on what I need, how much I need, and if there is a sale going on or if I end up meeting my dad (who works there).
2. I use coupons sometimes, when I can get ahold of them.
3. Nope, normally my father bags my items or someone else. But I bag if no one can.
4. I use plastic, because I the bags as trash bags for my bathroom trash can.
Rossie Rossie
1. I spend from 10 minutes to a whole hour, depending on the number of items I have on my grocery list.
2. I use coupons and double coupons if they're available.
3. I actually prefer self-checkout and bag my own grocery, I like to arrange the items nicely inside the bags. It really annoys me when the bagger roughly handles my nicely picked produce and dumps them into the bags.
4. I use plastic, same reason as Shunskitten, I use them as garbage bags. I refuse to use those reusable shopping bags, they carry all sorts of extremely hazardous bacteria and germs including Salmonella and e-coli, unless you wash them between uses.
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