Halloween and family

BrittaniMaree BrittaniMaree
OMG, I am so disappointed in Halloween nowadays. We got half a bag full of candy and it was hard to get. No one celebrating very much nowadays it was heart breaking. My husband and I would go out when we were young and come home with a pillow case full of candy in an hour. Also so many people following there kids in a car and not taking the time to spend the few hours of excitement with there kids. I mean for god sakes my kids loved it and were polite and seeing them at every door was priceless for me. Your kids will not be young and that excited over Halloween forever enjoy it for god sakes. who else agrees? because I am highly upset about it.
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- Kira - - Kira -
There wasn't a ton of people handing out candy where we went either. We brought a big bag and it was maybe 1/8 of the way full. Luckily my son is only four and that's more than enough candy for him!!

It's sad to see people following in a car, but I wouldn't get upset over it. I try not to get upset over things I have no control over like that. Some people have children and don't see them as the blessing and joy that they are. It's a shame, but such is life.

We had a ton of fun watching my son go from house to house. Every time he would get candy he'd say "I got candy!! We go get some more candy now??" Too cute! A few times he would get a piece and look back up at them with puppy eyes and I had to kinda pull him away from being too greedy about it. LOL! Most of the night he said "thank you," though he needed a bit of prompting. He had a lot of fun and got tired much earlier than the other kids we were with, so we left after about a block and a half.
Taylor Taylor
I only had about 5 kids come by. I seem to remember it being a much bigger deal when I was a kid, but maybe I am not remembering correctly. I'm wondering if parents are more afraid of strangers now than they were in the past. I know when I was a kid me and my friend were allowed to trick or treat without an adult, but now I don't see any kid without an adult with them.
Ex-prude Ex-prude
I've noticed that a lot of people don't do it anymore. It's a domino effect. This is the first year my grandmother has stopped giving out candy because she and her neighbor were the only ones doing it in the neighborhood. Her other problem was that last year, only adults and teenagers came to her door. That's ridiculous! They shouldn't even be allowed to trick or treat.
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