Has anyone saved someone's life before?

ejrbrndps ejrbrndps
I just pull a young women from her flipped car at 12:15 am today. I was the first one on the scene and got her out and away from the car, all while I was on my lunch break! Best feeling ever! She was OK. It was so crazy, I was driving from a drive-thru and couldn't get food cause 2 transformers blew. I WAS PISSED and missed lunch so I headed back to work and spotted a car flipped over and no one was around, I slammed on my breaks and dialed 911 while running to the car, pulled her out to safety. She hit the power line and that knocked out the power.
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js250 js250
My husband has but I have not. He witnessed a wreck in from of a jobsite he was working on and helped revive the elderly gentleman in the car. I have had someone save my life when I was in a car wreck a couple years ago. Come ot find out he was a customer of mine at my store and I was able to thank him properly and let him know how grateful my family and I were.
Chilipepper Chilipepper
I talked people out of suicide, though I'm not sure if it really counts or not ... their self-preservation should be acknowledged.
Emerlyn Emerlyn
Uh.... my baby nephew almost drowned last summer because my dumbass sister wasn't paying attention. I yelled at her to pull him up. Does that count?
Geogeo Geogeo
Just by donating my kidney and blood...nothing dramatic like what you did! Congrats, by the way.
Darklyvan Darklyvan
I was a volunteer EMT and emergency responder for several years when I was younger, so there was more than one occasion when I saved another life. The one that stays with me the most was when a 13 year old girl, who I found out later was being bullied at school, attempted to commit suicide by swallowing a lot of pills. When I arrived she was not breathing and her pulse was thready. I performed mouth to mouth until she began breathing on her own and then proceeded to induce vomiting. She pulled though and hopeful got the help needed to not try that again.
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